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Pasig Day Care Service Vision

Every Day Care Center a Child Friendly Center

Pasig Day Care Service Mission

Provide pre-school educational opportunities to Day Care children to make them God loving, Environment Friendly, Human, Nationalistic and Productive Citizen.

Pasig Day Care Service History

1976 to 1990

The first two day care centers of Pasig was a pilot project co-sponsored by the Department of Health, Ministry of Social Service and Development (MSSD) now Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Municipality of Pasig headed by Mayor Emiliano Caruncho. When PD 603 - The Children and Youth Welfare Code was issued, the number of MSSD day care centers in the Municipality of Pasig increased to ten.

During the administration of Mayor Mario Raymundo the Pasig Day Care Foundation was created and seventeen (17) day care centers were established. Some DSWD day care workers were absorbed by the foundation. After the approval of RA# 6972 - Barangay Level - Total Development and Protection of Children Act in 1990 there were more day care buildings build by Mayor Vicente Eusebio.

1991 - 2004

In CY 2009 DSWD-NCR and Mayor Vicente P. Eusebio signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which assisted day care centers for the LINGAP PARA SA MAHIHIRAP Program 2000. Congressman Henry P. Lanot also gave 7,647 copies of "ABC My Practice Book" which was also from a MOA of the DSWD-NCR and the congressman.

More day care were established during the administration of Mayor Soledad C. Eusebio. She continued the no-collection policy of former Mayor Vicente P. Eusebio and gave free school supplies to day care pupils and workers.

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